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Potty Chair vs Potty Seat: Which One is Best for Your Child?

Potty chair vs Potty seat; which one should you buy? What are the pros and cons of a potty seat and potty chair? Today’s comparison and explanation will clear all of your doubts.

Andrew is wetting fewer diapers than before and also feeling discomfort in them. His mom, Lily, understood that it is the perfect time for potty training. But, she is confused between the seat and the chair.

Are you also facing the same situation? Well, then this is the perfect potty training chair vs seat article for you to make the right choice.

Potty Seat vs Potty Chair

What’s a Potty Seat
Potty Seat vs Potty Chair: Which One is Best to buy?
Potty Seat
What’s a Potty Chair
Potty Seat vs Potty Chair: Which One is Best to buy?
Potty Chair

When should you buy a potty chair?

If you have a toddler and are in a dilemma when to buy a potty trainer then assess your kid carefully. Generally, 20 months to 30 months old toddlers are ready to start the training. Less wet diapers are also a sign of readiness for this training. Experts mainly describe the symptoms in two categories. You may also like our recent publication on the best toddler travel bed.

Potty Chair vs Potty Seat: when should you buy a potty chair
When should you buy a potty chair?

Potty Training: Physical readiness

  • Can sit and get up from the potty easily and by themselves. 
  • Can push down and pull up pants with grace.
  • Most of the time diapers are dry for more than 2 to 3 hours.
  • Step up and down the steps without any help.

Potty Training: Emotional readiness 

  • Not happy with wet diapers. 
  • Starts to show more interest in underpants and potty.
  • Use words to let you know when they want to go.
  • Easily receives basic directions such as sit down, stand up, do not touch and so on.

Now, you need to decide whether to buy a toilet attachment (potty seat) or a chair (potty chair )for your baby. You may also like: can baby eat oatmeal?

Potty Chair vs Potty Seat: should I use a potty or toilet
Should I use a potty or toilet?

Should I use a potty or toilet?

“Potty Chair vs Potty Seat” both of these trainers have advantages and drawbacks which may make you confused. Remember not to hustle and make the right choice. Let’s see the benefits of both.

potty seat vs potty chair: Benefit of potty training seat
Potty training seat: Advantages & Disadvantages

Benefits of potty training seat

  • As it is an attachment to the toilet directly, it accommodates the kids with normal toilets easily. It is normally found that kids habituated with training seats accept normal toilets faster than kids using potty chairs.
  • It generally comes in small sizes which saves toddlers from falling inside. 
  • The biggest positive side for parents who install potty attachment is they do not need to dump out or clean every time like potty chairs as it is directly attached.

Disadvantages of potty seat

  • Experts say that a child’s feet should touch the floor while it is sitting on the toilet. But, usually the toilets are higher than a child’s reach which demands a step tool to be provided each and every time the kid is going for the toilet. 
  • Most of the time the height of the toilet scares the kids, which hampers their training. 

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potty seat vs potty chair: Benefit of potty training chair
Potty training chair: Advantages & Disadvantages

Benefits of potty training chair

  • This chair comes in small size which makes it user friendly for the trainees.
  • Potty chairs are low in height. So, you do not need to arrange any extra tools or help to sit on. This will let you be tension free from following your kid’s toilet routine. 
  • Moreover,  potty chairs come in different colours to make it attractive. This colourful appearance also assures the toddlers and lessens fear of toilet monsters.

Disadvantages of potty chair

  • Potty chairs are usually space taking in bathrooms which may become a matter of concern if your bathroom is not big in size.
  • It is not connected to the main line which requires you to dump the wastage after every use.
  • As it is an extra arrangement and not a self-supporting system,  you will need to allocate some extra time to clean the chair every day.

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Some of the toddlers prefer potty chairs when some of them choose inserts. At this point after knowing the pros and cons of both of the options, parents get confused.  Sometimes, guardians are in dilemma whether the kids will be ready to adapt the change from chair to a real toilet, toilet insert to the toilet.

Most of the time it is found best to change gradually from baby commode to potty seat when the child can sit easily on the seat, then the toilet directly. It would be best if you have any close neighbor or relative who is potty training his toddler and visit them just to introduce the system to your kid.

Some may also choose one option first to shorten the list and then ask the child to choose the color and shape of potty insert or chair depending on their height and preferences. So “Potty Chair vs Potty Seat” depends on the need bacically.

potty chair vs potty seat: What type of potty training seat is best
What type of potty training seat is the best

What type of potty training seat is best?

Big toilets are somewhat scary for toddlers who just started toilet training. So, if you are planning to buy a potty insert you should keep the following points in mind. 

  • Aim of the potty seat is to shrink the opening size. But if it is too small for your kid or big, then it can become the main reason for avoiding the toilet. For choosing the best sized one, keep your kid with you while shopping.
  • Contoured seats are found most comfortable for toddlers. Try to buy contoured ones to help the kid sit properly. 
  • If the toilet insert comes with side handles, it will be more handy because kids can support themselves from falling with the help of those handles.
  • There are some portable seats that are being popular nowadays. This type of inserts usually fit all the regular size toilets thus you can carry it whenever and wherever you are travelling along with your babies during the training. 
  • Some potty seats come with adjusted steps to help the little ones reach the toilet and rest their legs on the step. This type can save you from raising your kid to the toilet.
potty chair vs potty seat: What type of potty training chair is best
What type of potty training chair is the best?

What type of potty chair is best for potty training?

Generally, potty chairs or baby commodes are counted as the first stage of potty training. To make this training effective, you should consider a few things when you are shopping for this commode. 

  • A potty chair’s height must be toddler friendly. When the kid is sitting on the commode, his legs should easily rest on the ground.
  • The chair should contain a separable chamber for cleaning the wastage when needed.
  • Plastic quality must be good.
  • Size of the chair should not be too big or too small to fit in the bathroom. 
  • Lightweight potty chairs are easily transferable from one place to another.
  • It is best to buy potty chairs with lids.

#The 5 best potty chairs for big toddlers 

01. Minnie Mouse ImaginAction Potty & Trainer Seat (View Price)

potty chair vs potty seat: minnie mouse imagin action potty and trainer seat
Minnie Mouse ImaginAction Potty & Trainer Seat

This potty training chair will give your kiddo a fun assurance because it has a Disney theme. You can use it to start the training at the first step. But when your kid is ready to use some bigger toilet, at that time you can use its detachable training rings and transform it into a real toilet. 

02. The Summer My Size Potty (View Price)

potty chair vs potty seat: the summer my size potty
The Summer My Size Potty

This potty’s specialty is, its special feature and look gives your kid the feel of a real adult toilet. This feeling helps the kids during the transition to the real thing. It also has a toilet handle that features a real flush sound by a single touch to give the feel of achievement. It also has a built-in wipe dispenser to create good hygiene habits.

03. The Summer Infant 3-in-1 Train With Me Potty (View Price)

potty chair vs potty seat: the summer infant 3-in-1 train with me potty
The Summer Infant 3-in-1 Train With Me Potty

It is a combination of three special features. It provides multiple solutions in one combo pack- a potty seat, potty topper, and a step stool. For cleaning this chair, you can use its removable pot with a pour spout to ensure mess-free training. When you are planning to change the level of training,  you just need to remove the potty topper and place it on the adult toilet. And, at the third point, just close the lid and make it a step stool to reach whether it is the toilet or the bathroom sink. It has rubber finishing which resists slipping on the floor of your bathroom. 

04. My Real Potty (View Price)

potty chair vs potty seat: my real potty
My Real Potty

An adult-looking toilet can help you to make the transition period easier and to make it easier. My Real Potty has a lot of things to offer you. The first to attract your kid is its lookalike real toilet feature. Secondly, it has a flush button to give the toddler the real sound of Flushing. Besides,  it has a lid that opens and closes like the real ones. Moreover, it has a tank at the back to lock its place with an anti-skid rubber base to avoid sliding during training sessions.

The pot is easily removable which makes it super easy to clean. Hence, it is a portable chair, you can keep it in the bathroom or in any other area.

05. The First Years Training Wheels Racer Potty System (View Price)

potty chair vs potty seat
The First Years Training Wheels Racer Potty System

It is a two-in-one system designed to make your kid’s potty training easier and successful. Most of the time kids are fans of cars, and when their potty chair is the car itself then the training becomes more fun. It is a lift-out type pot that works as a high shield to avoid any mess. When preliminary training is done with a potty chair, you can remove the waste pot and attach the rest of the part with the adult toilet to use as a toilet training seat.

#The 5 best potty training seats for toddlers 

01. Jool Baby- Folding Travel Potty Seat for Boys and Girls (View Price)

potty chair vs potty seat: jool baby folding travel potty seat
Jool Baby- Folding Travel Potty Seat for Boys and Girls

As the name of this potty seat contains its first and most useful feature “folding travel”, it is the most famous nowadays. You can use it at home and to avoid any kind of discomfort, you can fold and carry it with you. Another specialty is you can connect it with both round and oval toilets. This baby potty seat can be used by both boys and girls easily. 

02. Mayfair NextStep2 (View Price)

potty chair vs potty seat: mayfair next step2
Mayfair NextStep2

Mayfair NextStep2 toilet training seat comes with a built-in potty training seat. This seat cover closes slowly without making any noise. Moreover, no matter how many times you remove the waste pot, it will never loosen. What else to expect more?

03. SKYROKU Toilet Seat with Step Trainer Ladder (View Price)

potty chair vs potty seat: SKYROKU soilet seat with step trainer ladder
SKYROKU Toilet Seat with Step Trainer Ladder

If your kid is somewhat scared of the height of the toilet then this toilet seat system is the best option. This toilet seat comes with a step training ladder which you can remove whenever you want. The seat also comes with a cushioned seat to ensure the comfort of your toddler. The steps are also slip and splash-proof. 

The steps can be assembled without any difficulty. If your toddler of yours is big and has enough weight, then do not worry, the steps can easily take the weight. It comes with a proper guidebook about how to assemble or detach. The company claims that it takes only 2 minutes to install it to start the training.

04. The Nickelodeon Paw Patrol (View Price)

potty chair vs potty seat: the nickelodeon paw patrol
The Nickelodeon Paw Patrol

The nickelodeon paw patrol potty seat is soft and durable. It is mainly produced in the USA. It has an easy grip and side handles. These handles help your kid to sit properly and stay stable on the seat. This seat also has a removable cushion which can be removed during cleaning. This one also fits both in a round and oval-shaped toilet seat.

05. Munchkin’s Sturdy Potty Seat (View Price)

potty chair vs potty seat: munchkin sturdy potty seat
Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat

The easy-to-clean potty seat also can easily assure your kid of not falling into the toilet. It fits in most of the regular toilets and can hold your child. It has a nice contour which gives confidence of not falling and makes the sitting comfortable. It has handles so your kid can sit and hold them to balance themselves.

It can be detached and attached by anyone who can carry its weight. So, when your toddler is big enough to go to the toilet alone, just afraid of falling, at that time this can become your best choice.

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