Things to Do Before Getting Pregnant

As a new upcoming mother, you may have certain things to do before getting pregnant like a medical checkup, health condition, food & nutrition, sleeping, exercise, Iron folic acid, intercourse, timing, habits, and much more. 

New mothers have a lot of problems and many things to know before getting pregnant. As a gynecology doctor, I will explain every part of a new mother before conceiving. Requesting you to read till the end to make sure that you do not skip any part of this article.

A baby is a life-changing part of our life and it is not too easy to have a new member in your life without proper preparation. But before having a baby, you should ask yourself first, “Are you ready to take this step?” If your answer is “Yes” then this article is exactly for you to help you prepare for the most precious part of your life.

Getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy is not a piece of cake. There are lots of things you need to take care of before taking the step or starting to plan for it.

Things to know before getting pregnant
Things to know before getting pregnant

Things to know before getting pregnant

If you are thinking of getting pregnant then experts’ suggestion for you is to make a checklist of things you need to do. On top of that, you need to be clear of a few things before conceiving.

  1. Start preparation at least three months before you start trying to get pregnant. 
  2. Know yourself properly. Focus on your health. Also try to be sure of “do you really wanna do this?”
  3. Learn about before, during and after possibilities of pregnancy. Talk with your close ones, maybe your mother, sister or best friend who has a baby.
  4. If you are a working person, properly check the working policies, whether it gives you the proper break time during pregnancy or not.

And most importantly, be sure that your partner also wants the same. Otherwise, single motherhood is a tough journey to plan. You may kile our recent publication: Meal Plan for 6 Months Old Baby

Things to do before trying to get pregnant
Things to do before trying to get pregnant

Things to Do Before Getting Pregnant

There are many things to do before trying to get pregnant. Sometimes babies may occur accidentally. But when you are ambitious and like planning everything in your life, even a baby then you will need preparations. Another publication you may like: how to stop peeling skin on a newborn.

Things to Do Before Getting Pregnant
Make a plan and work accordingly

01. Make a plan and work accordingly

All of you have a plan of having a baby or delaying it. When you delay a baby, mainly you have the tendency of using effective birth control methods. And, when you are done achieving your goal, ready for a baby, you start thinking about conceiving. 

But, a long time of involvement in different practical plans can make you lose your control when you conceive, which is a very emotional state. So, you need to make a to-do list, make some decisions about your physic, work, routine, habit and fulfill the plan to have a safe pregnancy.

Things to Do Before Getting Pregnant
Consult your doctor

02. Consult your doctor

Normally,  you have a doctor which is covered by your health insurance, who knows every detail about you. When you decide to have a baby, pay a visit to your doctor to know about preconception health care. Try to be clear about your medical condition, physical readiness, and illness history. Do not forget to discuss if you have any previous pregnancy problems or medicine that you are taking to delay a baby.

The doctor will suggest to you the proper diet and steps to take to ensure healthy maternity. Also, complete all the vaccinations suggested by the doctor.

Things to Do Before Getting Pregnant
Intake folic acid every day

03. Intake folic acid every day

Vitamin B’s other format is Folic acid. The proper amount of folic acid ensures the prevention of major birth defects of the infant’s brain and spine. Doctors mainly suggest the presence of enough folic acid in a woman’s body at least 1 month before and during pregnancy. 

You can also receive folic acid by eating dark green leafy vegetables, broccoli, fortified bread and cereals, orange juice, and citrus fruits besides taking a folic acid supplement. 

Things to Do Before Getting Pregnant
Stop addiction when you are planning to forget your pregnancy

04. Stop addiction when you are planning to forget your pregnancy

Addiction to using certain drugs is not the only thing that you need to stop. You also should start avoiding alcohol and smoking. These things are the main reasons for premature babies, birth defects, and even infant death.

If you want to conceive but do have enough power to stop these addictions, seek help from the doctors. You can also take help from the local treatment centers. 

Things to Do Before Getting Pregnant
Toxic substances and contaminated 

05. Toxic substances and contaminated 

The environment is harmful to babies growing in your womb. Even when you are not pregnant, these things leave an adverse impact on your body which can cause defective pregnancy or a low chance of getting pregnant. 

So, when you are planning to conceive, change your job or learn how to protect yourself from this type of surrounding.

Things to Do Before Getting Pregnant
Reach a healthy weight

06. Reach a healthy weight

A healthy pregnancy requires proper health. If you are underweight or overweight,  consult with a doctor and learn your BMI. Then work on it to reach the target and maintain it.

Things to Do Before Getting Pregnant
Get help for violence 

07. Get help for violence 

Sometimes, some of you may live in a violent environment but not getting rid of it. Maybe you are thinking everything will be alright one day and you will “live happily ever after”.

But the reality is not a fairy tale. If you are in danger, somebody is violent towards you and can harm you, you should take action or at least take help.

Physical and psychological violence have immense drawbacks on pregnancy. 

Things to Do Before Getting Pregnant
Take care of your mental health

08. Take care of your mental health

Everyone goes through mental disturbances such as worries, anxiety, sadness, or different stresses. But, conceiving demands proper mental health for a healthy baby.

Talk with your doctor, tell your true feelings and get the exact treatment to get rid of these issues.

Things to Do Before Getting Pregnant
Save money

09. Save money

Raising a child is not easy. From pregnancy to child-raising demands a lot of money which you need to plan before getting pregnant. A normal pregnancy costs between $30000 and $50000 without insurance coverage. Other than these costs, there are some tests that may not get covered by the insurance. 

You also may need to clear some space for the kid which may cause you to move to a new house. So yes, children are expensive. 

Things to consider before getting pregnant
Things to consider before getting pregnant

Things to consider before getting pregnant

It takes two to make a baby. And when there are two people, there come different thoughts. So you need to consider discussing a few things and come to a decision on what to do? Another important answer for you is can babies eat oatmeal?

01. Respect your beliefs

Discuss your beliefs before having a baby. This matter normally arises when parents do not belong to the same religion. People generally let their children choose which religion they want to follow. Still, you should discuss this matter with your partner so that nobody has any confusion, even the kid itself.

02. Upbringing system

Discuss the upbringing system. Because having a child does not mean only completing pregnancy and childbirth properly. It also includes the child’s upbringing system.

03. Planning

Both of you need to talk and have a plan, whether to send your baby to a child care home or not, public or alternative schooling, what types of house rules you are going to follow, and so on. Just get ready with a plan and always keep your mind open to change depending on the situation. 

04. Genetic Testing

Get genetic testing done. Maybe you and your partner are in good health and leading a healthy life. Still, some diseases are passed down from generation to generation which stays in sleeping mode and can get active. This type of test helps you to find whether you are a carrier or not.

If you are a carrier of any kind of genetic disease then early steps can save your baby from lifelong suffering.  

Things to take care before getting pregnant
Things to take care of before getting pregnant

Things to take care before getting pregnant

Welcoming a baby may seem so easy but, welcoming a healthy baby is a huge responsibility. Proper preparation helps way more than an unprepared one. There are some things to do before conceiving according to the experts which are suggested below.

01. Stop all heavy tasks

Your body is capable of doing incredible tasks like child birth-giving. It is also able to do other heavy exercises like taking part in marathons, hiking mountains, playing football or such games. But when you decide to take a baby, you will need to stop these heavy exercises and shift to soft ones.

02. Preparation starting time

Generally, people have a query about how far in advance I should prepare my body. Well, according to experts, you should start paying attention to your health at least three months before you start trying for a baby.

03. Space Matters

Think about the house or apartment that you are currently living in. Maybe you or your spouse always wanted to move to a different place or the current house is not spacious enough for your baby. Because, when a baby comes it will need some extra room. When it comes to studying or having a friend to visit and stay for a night.

If you are happy with the house then it is fine. But, if you want any change now or in the future then plan according to the baby’s arrival. 

04. Do not visit dentist

Do not forget to pay a visit to a dentist. Because dental treatment sometimes includes some medicines which are harmful to babies growing in your womb.

05. Maternity Facilities

If you are a working person then you need to know how many facilities you are going to get from your workplace after having a baby. Check maternity holiday numbers, paid and unpaid time-off they offer during pregnancy, child care facilities, and so on.

Do not forget to check your health plan too. Because some health plans may not cover birth-giving hospital bills.

06. Pet behaviours

Finally, if you have a pet then prepare it for a brother or sister. Some pets receive new partners in crime easily, on the other hand, some may not.

How should you prepare your body for pregnancy?
How should you prepare your body for pregnancy?

How should you prepare your body for pregnancy?

Most of the time we get too busy with our practical life and somehow delay our most important life parts. Baby is that kind of part and welcoming a child in your life demands some pre-steps. Every day people search for “how can I increase my chances of pregnancy?” where “how to prepare my body for pregnancy naturally” is the most important question. 

Our daily life has made us busy with our work and breaks time matters sometimes by keeping us waiting for the perfect time. But this waiting may cost you in your pregnancy. So, if you are in your thirties and thinking about how to prepare for pregnancy after thirty, then keep reading.

01. Menstrual cycle

Do not forget to record your menstrual cycle frequently. By tracking your dates, you can calculate your ovulation period. In this period chances of getting pregnant are higher than any other day of the month.

02. Ovulation window

It is difficult for women to predict their ovulation with irregular periods. Normally, the ovulation window opens about two weeks before the arrival of the period. During this open window, the female ovary releases the egg which is the most important thing to get pregnant.

03. Love-making

Experts always suggest having unprotected love-making during the fertile window. Ovulation time is the period when the fertility window is open and adds more possibility of pregnancy chances.

You may think of love-making every day to conceive. But the study shows everyday sex has a 33% of pregnancy chance where sex during fertile days has 37% chances. 

04. Bodyweight

Maintain your bodyweight if you want a healthy pregnancy as well as healthy delivery. There are a lot of complications that can be added to your pregnancy due to overweight or underweight body condition. It is found that women with normal BMI have double the chance of conceiving than overweight women where underweighted ones may have only one-fourth chance.

05. Healthy Eating

Start eating healthy from today if you are hoping for a baby very soon. Varieties of healthy food will help your body to nurture a new growing life in your body, during your labor, and after childbirth. Doctors mainly suggest different fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy, lean meat, and healthy fat.

But remember, avoid fish containing high mercury such as swordfish, tilefish, king mackerel, and sharks.

06. No heavy work

Heavy work, hard work that creates lots of stress for the body, strenuous workout reduces the chance of pregnancy.

07. Start today

Do not take too much time to plan for a baby. Age of the female matters when it is time to conceive. 

08. Physical problems

When a female starts aging different types of physical problems may arise such as blockage of the fallopian tubes, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, etc. These disorders have a huge impact on the loss of fertility. 

09. Age Matters

Usually, a woman’s fertility starts to decrease after 30. By the age of 37 comes a sharp decline in infertility. At the age of 40 women may face a steep decline. This type of decrease refers to a long trying period of pregnancy. 

10. No Smoking

If you have a habit of smoking then start practicing to leave and live without it. Nicotine, carbon monoxide are two chemicals found in cigarettes that are marked as the reason for the increasing egg loss rate.

11. No Drinking

Drinking is also noted as the cause of difficult and critical pregnancy. Both of the partners, male and female, need to avoid smoking cigarettes and alcohol for a healthy pregnancy. 

12. Visit a doctor

When you are less than 35 years and trying for a baby, you should consult with a doctor. According to experts, females, who are in their mid-thirty and having unprotected sex for almost a year but not conceiving, need to visit a doctor and do a proper check-up.

Fun things to do before getting pregnant
Fun things to do before getting pregnant

Fun things to do before getting pregnant

Getting pregnant is the best news of a mom’s life. It feels like all the happiness, as well as the achievements, are going to be nurtured in your womb. But, at some point, most of the mothers get upset about their very own life at least for once.

For you, we have enlisted several to-enjoy lists at least three months before you decide to prepare for welcoming a baby.

Fun things to do before getting pregnant
Go for a dream holiday

01. Go for a dream holiday

Just think whenever you are traveling to a wild place or your favorite sea beach, suddenly your infant starts crying and you get busy with changing the diaper or feeding it. Does not sound interesting right? So, before it happens, plan a trip, it can be a road trip, or spend nights under the open sky at a sea beach or forest with your life partner. 

Remember not to keep Disneyland or a tour to fantasy land. You will get the chance to visit these places a lot with your kid. Pick an adult place.

Fun things to do before getting pregnant
Plan nights out with your close ones

02. Plan nights out with your close ones

No matter how much you are in love with your life partner but when it comes to girls’ night out, a female’s hurt always bounces with excitement. So, plan for a girls’ night out, have an exciting dinner, maybe a trip to a pub or the places you and your friends are interested in, put on your favorite dress, and do some shopping.

Fun things to do before getting pregnant
Have a well-dressed private dinner with your partner

03. Have a well-dressed private dinner with your partner

Most of the ladies like having a private with their loved ones while wearing one of the most beautiful dresses she has in her closet. So, put on your favorite dress, plan a night out, eat your favorite dish, and stroll around after the romantic dinner. Because, after having a baby, it will take a lot of time to recover your physical and mental condition to be ready for this type of arrangement.

Fun things to do before getting pregnant
Take pre-baby pictures of you two

04. Take pre-baby pictures of you two

Take pre-baby pictures of you two only as a reminder of your involvement in each other. When the baby comes, parents become busier with their kids which may sometimes leave them with no free time for themselves. Some also become too tired to spend time anywhere other than with the new member. Keeping yourselves reminded that who you are is really important to avoid postpartum depression.

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