23 Benefits of Yoni Steam with Vaginal Risk, Safe Use

Being an obstetrician-gynecologist I frequently face this question “is vaginal steaming safe”, “what are the benefits of yoni steam” and “what are the side effects of vaginal steaming”.

The vaginal discharge causes especially between menstruation, sexual interaction, and during the childbirth period. It also happens for some hormonal issues, changing hormones, or pelvic floor issues. Sometimes all these things make yoni uncomfortable, infectious, and cause pain.

Vaginal steaming works as a savior for all of these problems. This process is an ancient remedy that cleanses the vagina, uterus and regulates menstruation with comfort cramps as well as bloating.

Before jumping to the Benefits of Yoni Steam I like to recommend reading the whole article to understand everything about vaginal steaming risks, safe uses, and scientific benefits. You may also check our recent publication on Bladder Sling Complications Years Later.

What is yoni?

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that represents the womb and literally stands for female genital organ. The word connotes vagina, vulva, uterus, or source. Yoni is the most important part of the female body for overall health.

Benefits of Yoni Steam: What is vaginal steaming?
What is vaginal steaming?

What is vaginal steaming?

Vaginal steaming is alternatively known as yoni steam, v steam, and herb steam. It is an organic process of steaming the vaginal area with a mixture of herbs into hot water. The process involves sitting or squatting over a hot water bowl with various natural herbs such as basil, oregano, chamomile, etc. to cleanse the vaginal area naturally. It usually takes 20 to 45 minutes to take the steam properly.

Vaginal Steaming Benefits
Vaginal Steaming Benefits

23 Vaginal Steaming Benefits (Yoni Benefits)

The benefits of yoni steaming and vaginal steaming are the same things. There are a vast number of benefits of vaginal steaming. Let’s see the 23 benefits of yoni steam.

1. Yoni steam for yeast infection

The herbs that are used in yoni steaming water have the power to maintain the balance of both good and bad bacteria in the vagina. The blend is beneficial for fighting bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, and other mild infections.

2. Yoni steam for fertility

Yoni steam generally cleanses the uterus of residual endometrium from the last menstruation. Thus it helps the egg to attach to the wall of the uterus to increase fertility. It also increases blood flow in the vaginal tract.

3. Yoni steam herbs for tightening

It increases blood flow into the area and hydrates as well as moistures the vaginal tissue. Yoni steam rejuvenates the tissue that increases the tightening of the vagina.

Vaginal Steaming Benefits: Yoni steam for menopause
Yoni steam for menopause

4. Yoni steam for menopause

A mixture of various herbs like chamomile, rosemary, licorice powder, oat straw, etc is a good combination for menopause. The mixture helps you with the dryness of the vaginal area by moisturizing and soothing effects. Most importantly, it connects post-menopause women to the natural lunar cycle. You may like: 14 Side Effects of Abortions

5. Yoni steam for stress

Stress is a biological thing. The symptoms of stress are insomnia, fatigue, headache, Digestive problems, confusing nature, lower libido, and more. Yoni steam can treat all the above-mentioned issues instantly. This is one of the main benefits of the Yoni steam is that it releases muscle and provides relaxation which is the most important thing to fight stress.

6. Relief depression

Vaginal steaming is known for relieving anxiety from ancient times, especially in Korea. It balances the hormone production and gives a greater chance of relaxation immediately by improving blood circulation in the whole body.

7. Helps hemorrhoids

Surprisingly, Yoni steam is equally good for treating hemorrhoids. The heat disturbs the hemorrhoid function and formation internally. It provides relief from postoperative pain and coagulates tissues without burning them.

Vaginal Steaming Benefits: Fights  infections
Fights  infections

8. Fights  infections

Yoni steam is famous for fighting infections. It works against various types of infections. The herbs that are usually used for yoni steam, for instance, basil, wormwood, dandelion leaf, corn silk, etc are high in antioxidants, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Therefore, it naturally heals wounds, reduces inflammation, and fights infections.

9. Deals with infertility

Yoni steaming adds nourishment to the female’s uterine lining. It helps you to increase your cervical fluids. The steam also relaxes the vaginal carnal as well as the cervix. In short, it helps you to develop a robust endometrium for better fertilization.

10. Yoni steams for hormone imbalances

Hormonal imbalance includes symptoms like irregular periods, hair loss, insomnia, fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, low sexual drive, etc. Yoni steam does the overall well-being temporarily. Steaming with lavender, rosemary, basil, mugwort, and geranium herbs work well for maintaining the hormone balance, relaxing the nerves, flushing the toxins out, and presenting you a refreshing version of yourself.

11. Relieves headaches

The steam is really good to relieve sinus infections especially. The process is used for ages for both emotional and mental wellbeing as it is really beneficial for relieving anxiety, fatigue, and headache. Yoni steam relaxes the mind thus headache above all. 

Vaginal Steaming Benefits: Alleviate fatigue
Alleviate fatigue

12. Alleviate fatigue

Yoni steam itself is a relaxing thing. Firstly it relaxes the muscle of the vaginal tract. Then it increases the blood flow of that area. Then it provides cooling and soothing effects with proper moisturization. All these together contribute to alleviating fatigue.

13. Mitigate digestive issues

Yoni steam helps to treat digestive problems like gas, bloating, and other issues. Steaming reduces fungi and bacteria of the digestive tract as well. It is also helpful for constipating people to alleviate the pain and to ease the bowel movement.

14. Relieve painful periods

Yoni steaming helps you to release your uterine lining. It also relaxes the muscles of the vaginal tract. It works really well for the period cramps. If you are not thinking about conceiving a baby then you can take yoni steam before your menstruation.

15. Helps aid with PCOS

PCOS is a polycystic ovarian syndrome. It is caused by lengthy menstrual cycles and the rise of the testosterone level. Yoni steam helps to release the uterine line so that nothing is left behind. Taking yoni steam before and after menstruation helps you to clear up the uterine line and regulates the cycle of the period to a great extent.

Vaginal Steaming Benefits: Increases sexual energy
Increases sexual energy

16. Increases sexual energy

Vaginal steaming increases the blood flow to sex organs. The improvement of blood flow to these organs increases libido and keeps intact with other sexual health. Herbs like damiana, dong Quai and mugwort are good for increasing sexual energy.

17. Regulate menstrual cycles

Yoni steaming especially with herbs such as mother wort, mugwort, basil, rosemary, and others helps you to balance the estrogen hormones. It regulates menstruation, heals menstrual cramps and pain as well.

18. Detoxify your entire body

Steam opens the skin pores. It cleanses the dirt, dust, impurities, and waste deeply from the body. The heat stimulates the blood flow and circulation of the body entirely. So yoni steaming is an effective body detoxifying process.

19. Decrease vaginal dryness naturally

Yoni steams moistures and nourishes the vaginal area both externally and internally. The vagina becomes dry, especially after menopause. Therefore, one can try to take yoni steam once a week to avoid dryness.

Vaginal Steaming Benefits: Helps maintain a healthy odor
Helps maintain a healthy odor

20. Helps maintain a healthy odor

A smelly vagina generally smells like fishy and sticky. It causes vaginal infections. Yoni steam cleanses the vaginal tract and the herbs that are used in yoni steam have antibacterial properties. So a clean and infection-free vagina will help you to maintain a healthy odor.

21. Increases the possibility of pregnancy

Yoni steam clears the uterine lining up. So the fetus can easily attach to the uterine lining and receive proper nutrition. Therefore, Yoni steaming increases the possibility of getting pregnant.

22. Removes abnormal growths in the womb

The abnormal growth in the womb is known as fibroid. Both estrogen and progesterone hormonal growth abnormally to the wall of the uterus is the reason for it. Yoni steam detoxifies the womb by removing excess toxins from the womb. It also clears the uterine lining. And the herbs used in the water have antibacterial and healing properties to cure it soon.

Vaginal Steaming Benefits: Stimulates the immune system
Stimulates the immune system

23. Stimulates the immune system

The immune system stimulating depends on the leukocyte cells. Here, Yoni steam helps to release the leukocyte cells that fight infections in the body. It is noted that steam increases metabolism up to 20%. The heat also runs the physiological function by boosting blood circulation and flushing out toxins.

What is the benefits of Yoni Steam Scientifically
What is the benefits of Yoni Steam Scientifically

What is the benefits of Yoni Steam Scientifically?

There is no scientific proof of vaginal steaming working. Most physicians also talk about yoni steam. The vagina is actually a self-cleaning organ of the body. One can simply wash the organ with warm water with unscented soap and a clean finger.

Rinse it off and pat dry with a clean soft towel. Make sure to wear clean and dry clothes always. You will survive any infections this way. Yoni steaming is not a solution to any problems. It might relieve you for a while.

How does yoni steam work?
How does yoni steam work?

How does yoni steam work?

Yoni steam works by producing herb-infused steam into the vagina. Yoni steam is very simple. One needs to sit or squat over an herb-infused steam bowl. In spas, there is a hole in Paltrow’s seat for taking the steam.

Herbs that are used for steaming are listed below

  1. Basil
  2. Chamomile
  3. Calendula
  4. Rosemary
  5. Oregano
  6. Mugwort
  7. Wormwood

At home, one can be done by the following method

  1. Add one cup of herbs to hot water
  2. Then steep the herbs for a minute
  3.  Put down the clothes from the waist
  4. Stand or squat over the hot water bowl or basin
  5. Wrap a towel around the waist so that the steam can work well
Yoni steam herbs names
Yoni steam herbs names

10 Yoni steam herbs names

There are several herbs that are very good for yoni health and work well for yoni steam herbs. The herbs are:

  1. Basil
  2. Chamomile
  3. Calendula
  4. Oregano
  5. Lavender
  6. Raspberry
  7. Plantain
  8. Rose bud
  9. Mugwort
  10. Wormwood
Yoni steam herbs' benefits
Yoni steam herbs’ benefits

20 Yoni steam herbs’ benefits

The main benefit of yoni steam herbs is to cleanse the vagina, vulva, uterus, and ultimately the whole reproductive tract naturally. It also works to relieve the undermentioned things.

  1. Relieve Stress
  2. Treats Depression
  3. Treats Hemorrhoids naturally
  4. Reduce Headaches
  5. Hormonal imbalance
  6. Regulates menstruation cycle
  7. Relieves yeast infections
  8. Fight Infections
  9. Decrease Infertility
  10. Treats Fatigues
  11. Detoxify wombs
  12. Improve fertility
  13. Increase energy
  14. Increase libido and passion
  15. Boost metabolism
  16. Promotes Digestive track
  17. Heals postpartum vaginal tears and c section scars.
  18. Generalized pain
  19. Rejuvenates genital skin
  20. Relaxes pelvic floor muscle
What Herbs to Use for Various Conditions in Yoni steaming?
What Herbs to Use for Various Conditions in Yoni steaming?

What Herbs to Use for Various Conditions in Yoni steaming?

There are different types of herbs to use for different purposes. Some effects of various conditions of herbs are stated below. Basil works well for moving fluids as well as cleansing. Rosemary, lavender, wormwood, and thyme are good for antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-microbial infections in the vaginal tract. 

Marigolds and calendula are anti-inflammatory herbs. Again, motherwort does wonder for relieving pain. Oregano is known for its antiseptic, antispasmodic, and expectorant properties. Then there is a lemon balm that relaxes the bladder and soothes menstrual cramps effectively. 

Black cohosh is also helpful for menstrual cramps along with the mood swings and insomnia that happens during this period. After that, fennel is very helpful for sexual functions in menopausal cases. 

Last but not least, mugwort is known as an all-purpose herb for vaginal steaming. Each of the upper mentioned herbs has its own purpose and benefits. And the proper mixtures are also available according to your needs and purposes. 

Yoni Steam Herbs Recipe DIY
Yoni Steam Herbs Recipe DIY

Yoni Steam Herbs Recipe DIY

Spas offer vaginal steaming as a pampering treatment of a self-care regime. You can buy a spa chair and do a steam session on your own. There are various DIY options for yoni steaming by using various herbs.

Directions for DIY Vaginal Steaming:

  1. First, take a covered pot with a hole.
  2. Then pour about 8 glasses of purifying water into the pot.
  3. After that, mix a ¼th cup of herbs according to your necessity to the water. Do not use any essential oil as it can be harmful to your vaginal health.
  4. Now boil the water for 5 minutes.
  5. Then wait till the temperature of the water is comfortable and safe enough to steam with. Wave your hand above the water to check the temperature is not too hot to burn your genital tissue.
  6. Now sit on the steam chair and drape a towel around your waist so that the steam cannot escape.
  7. Make sure to keep your neck and feet warm using a muffler and socks or slippers to avoid any cold getting into your body.
  8. Receive the steam for about 15 to 30 minutes.
  9. At last, pat dry the vaginal area with a dry clean towel and relax.
Possible Effects During and After Vaginal Steaming
Possible Effects During and After Vaginal Steaming

Possible Effects During and After Vaginal Steaming

There are some possible side effects seen both during and after vaginal steam in various cases. The side effects are:

  1. Itching
  2. Irritation on the skin
  3. Burning sensation
  4. Swelling
  5. Abnormal vaginal discharge
  6. Sometimes infection
Discharge After Yoni Steam
Discharge After Yoni Steam

Discharge After Yoni Steam

If the discharge is in moderation then it is good and healthy for vaginal health. But if the discharge is abnormal then it is harmful and may need medical attention as well. Usually, vaginal discharge brings out dead skin cells and bacteria out of the body. That helps to maintain a clean and healthy vagina along with fighting infection.

But abnormal discharge is not good for vaginal health. It includes:

  1. Yellow, green or gray color
  2. It looks like cottage cheese and foamy
  3. It has a strong foul odor.

If you are experiencing abnormal discharge along with itching, swelling, or infections for more than 3 days then you must visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Yoni Steam Stool
Yoni Steam Stool

Yoni Steam Stool Recommendations

A Yoni steam stool needs to be a comfortable seat where you can sit and take the steam for 20 to 30 minutes comfortably. The chair usually comes with a cushion with a hole in the middle for reaching the steam perfectly. The first option is to go to the spa for a vaginal steaming session. 

There the stool is available. If you want to do the session at home then you can buy stools from spas or retailers. You can also buy from Amazon and other online stores. You can also create a stool by yourself at home. Pick a flat surface chair, box, or stool and add a hole in the middle. Your chair is ready.

Does Yoni Steam really work? 
Does Yoni Steam really work? 

Does Yoni Steam really work? 

There is no scientific evidence for yoni steaming. Physicians usually do not recommend yoni steam. But there is also nothing against it either. But the anatomy of the vaginal structure does not support yoni steam very much. Again, the vagina is a sensitive and thinner part of the body. So, one should be careful about maintaining the limit of steaming.

Is Yoni Steam safe? 
Is Yoni Steam safe? 

Is Yoni Steam safe? 

Evidently, there is no scientific support for vaginal steaming. Yet Yoni steam is safe if done in moderation and with utmost care. As the vagina is sensitive so make sure that the water is not too hot to burn it. Also, cleanse the equipment to avoid further infections.

However, it can be safe to use with all these precautions 2 to 3 times a month before and after menstruation.

What are the safety concerns of Yoni Steam?
What are the safety concerns of Yoni Steam?

What are the safety concerns of Yoni Steam?

The vagina is a very thin and sensitive part than the other parts of the body. So many things should be kept in mind before steaming. First, make sure that the tools that will be used for steaming are cleaned properly to avoid infections. If you are in any spa then also make sure that the equipment is clean and safe.

Then check the temperature of the water. Too much hot water may burn the area and cause harm. Next is one should not take steam more than 3 times in a month. And never take a steam during pregnancy and menstruation.

What to Consider for Yoni Steam
What to Consider for Yoni Steam

What to Consider for Yoni Steam

There are certain precautions that should be followed for yoni steaming.

  1. As steam is hot so never open the lid properly while steaming. It can burn the sensitive skin of the vaginal area.
  2. Steaming during pregnancy can contradict it. So it is strictly forbidden to take yoni steam during pregnancy.
  3. Then do not mix any essential oil or scent to the mixture of yoni steam water because it can be too harsh for the skin of that area.
  4. Never steam if you are affected by cancer.
  5. Also yoni steam is prohibited for menstruation while you are bleeding actively.
  6. Again if you have any active infections or blisters then yoni steaming is not recommended.
How to Avoid Yoni Steam Side Effects
How to Avoid Yoni Steam Side Effects

How to Avoid Yoni Steam Side Effects

Generally, the side effects are itching, secondary burning, discharge, and infections. To avoid side effects of yoni steam you should clean your pot, stool, and equipment properly to avoid irritation and infection. Ensure that the water is not too hot to burn the skin and vaginal tissue.

Test the pH balance of the herb mixture. Vagina is acidic in nature with a pH of 3.8 to 4.5. So that abnormal discharge will not happen after yoni steaming.

When shouldn't you do a yoni steam?
When shouldn’t you do a yoni steam?

When shouldn’t you do a yoni steam?

There are several times when you should completely avoid yoni steam. So avoid yoni steam if you are:

  1. Trying to conceive then avoids yoni steam in the ovulation period.
  2. Never steam your vagina if you are pregnant.
  3. If you are on your menstruation period.
  4. If you are wearing any Intrauterine Device (IUD).
  5. If you have got any internal vaginal infections such as cervical, uterine, or ovarian infections with inflammation and fever.
  6. If you have any affected sore or blister in that particular area.
How often should you yoni steam
How often should you yoni steam

How often should you yoni steam

Yoni steaming should be made a part of the self-care regime. It can be done once a week and 3 to 4 times a month. It is highly recommended not to steam yoni during the menstruation period. So steam the yoni 2 to 3 times a month only before and after the menstruation. Also, one thing that should be kept in mind is that yoni steaming should be done within 20 to 45 minutes and not more than that.

Does yoni steam help with smell
Does yoni steam help with the smell

Does yoni steam help with smell

Vagina sometimes becomes smelly for sweat, menstruation, sexually transmitted infections, bacterial infections, and other medical issues. The best way to combat this fishy odor is to keep your vagina clean and maintain basic hygiene.

Warm water helps to cleanse the vagina and thus it can help you to fight smelly vaginal problems. Also, the herbs that are used for yoni steam have some power to fight infections. So, vaginal steam can help with smelly yoni this way.

Where to buy yoni steam herbs
Where to buy yoni steam herbs

Where to buy yoni steam herbs

Yoni steam herbs are easily available in physical shops and on online platforms too like amazon. There are various brands and mixtures available for yoni steam. For instance, female ritual steam therapy, George’s yoni steam herbs, peach care yoni electric steaming seat with yoni steaming herbs, sacred yoni steaming herbs, and many more.

Yoni steam bath
Yoni steam bath

Yoni steam bath

Yoni steam bath has been an ancient treatment for females for their well-being since the beginning. It consists of a sitz bath while women receive steam with selected medicinal herbs for therapeutic use. It is basically used for relaxation, self-care, and attention to the intimate area.

The session should not last more than 15 to 20 minutes. The yoni steam bath helps to detox ovarian cysts, cervical fibromas, endometriosis, bad odor, chronic vaginal infections, etc. It treats infertility, amenorrhea, pelvic floor, recovery after abortion and childbirth.

Yoni steaming near me
Yoni steaming near me

Yoni steaming near me

If you are looking for a spa for yoni steam then go to Google and search for “yoni steam near me”. You will get the lists of local spas that are open for vaginal steaming. But it is suggested to check the reviews of the spas for the services. Also know about cleaning the equipment, pH balance, and other issues before having a session. Yoni steam usually costs 20 to 75 dollars depending on the location and services.

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